2022 Scoring and Rules

Series scoring

Points for each of the five races will be awarded to SBFBS finishers as follows:

1st Place 200 pts
2nd Place 195 pts
3rd Place 190 pts
4-39th place 5 pts less than place ahead
40th place-last finisher 5 pts
DNF 1pt
DNS 0pt

Racers must complete 3 of 5 SBFBS races to be eligible for series awards.  A racer’s best 4 finishes will be scored towards series points.  Awards will be provided by Up.Bike and other sponsors, and cash prizes will be paid out by our series sponsors.  Awards and payouts will be given to first, second, and third place series finishers in Men’s and Women’s open and Men’s and Women’s Masters categories.

Series Rules
Helmets are required.
Minimum 3.7″ tires required at appropriate tire pressure for course conditions.
Waivers must be signed and on file for each race.